On September 9th, 2007, Tau Sigma Phi was officially established as a Canadian Sorority, and it continues to flourish and grow everyday. Originating in Ottawa Ontario, the organization has established 5 chapters spreading out across the country. 

​    Our letters stand for True Sisters Forever. We aim to promote life-long friendships, and improving the lives of people across Canada. 

​    Tau Sigma Phi was founded on the ideals of Sisterhood, Loyalty and Integrity. Upon joining, you will belong to a group of members who you will share experiences with, individuals you will build unbreakable friendships with, and in the end, share memories that lasted a lifetime.


    Five extraordinary women with like minded values came together over 10 years ago with hopes to share their belief in a sisterhood with strength like no other.

    Kristin Dafoe, Natasha Hjort, Sarah Jones, Sara Korajian and Halley Van Muyen came together at Carleton University and officially established the Tau Sigma Phi Sorority you see today.